Body Treatments

  • Mineral Salt Scrub30 mins    £40.00

    An exfoliating Thermal Body therapy polishes skin while infusing it with critical hydration. This treatment can be either stress relieving or energising.

  • Body Foliation30 mins    £40

    (for sensitive or prematurely aging skin)

    Treatment involves gently exfoliation with conditioning essential oils for a Soothing and smoothing experience.

  • Thermal Stamp Massage30 mins    £40

    The choice is entirely yours Detoxifying, energising, soothing or stress relieving.

    This thermal stamps contains intense heat activating ingredients to aid relaxation and offers relief of inflammation by working upon the meridian lines throughout the body.

  • Aromatic Full Body Massage£40.00

    Using selected essential oils and combining powerful techniques. Active circulation and lymphatic system relieving all signs of stress and fatigue.

  • Indian Head Massage 20 mins      £20.00
  • Stress Releiving Massage30 mins      £30.00

    Neck, Back and Shoulder

  • Revitalising Eye Treatment20 mins     £20.00

    For dark circles, fine lines, dry and puffy skin around eyes.

  • Bright Eyes with Microdermabrasion30 mins      £30.00
  • Smooth Eyes with Oxygen Therapy30 mins      £30.00